Steelers vs Ravens: What to know about the Week 4, live stream

Steelers vs Ravens: The games between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Ravens are always special, but Sunday’s game will have a deeper meaning.

It gets us back to Terrell Suggs vs. Ben Roethlisberger and Jimmy Smith against Antonio Brown. It’s a chance to second-guess Pittsburgh coach Mike Tomlin, and it allows us to discuss whether Le’Veon Bell is indeed the best running back in the NFL.

I just want to watch some football without theater.

Steelers vs Ravens

We know nothing Steelers vs Ravens. Week 3 was the prime example of why this picks column, formerly known back in the day as the Primer, is “for entertainment purposes only.”

Steelers vs Ravens: We took so many baths that we’ll be zestfully clean for rest of the 2017 NFL season. So let’s laugh, shake it off and get back on the donkey descending down into the depths. They also didn’t use to call his the fearless forecast for nothing.

The Pittsburgh Steelers were back to work, and back to football, hoping to put their Week 3 debacle behind them and turn their attention to the Baltimore Ravens in Week 4. With it being Wednesday, it meant the team was back to practice, and their first injury report was released to the public.

For the Steelers, they had some good news, as well as some bad news. The good news was Stephon Tuitt (biceps), T.J. Watt (groin) and Marcus Gilbert (hamstring) were all back to full participation at practice. Barring a setback between now and Sunday, those three starters are set to be back in the lineup vs. Baltimore.

The Steelers had their starting safety tandem, Sean Davis and Mike Mitchell, both watching practice on Wednesday. It doesn’t mean the two won’t play Sunday, but they will have to get back on the practice field to do so. Despite the Ravens lackluster offense, I am not sure fans would be comfortable with J.J. Wilcox and Robert Golden as their starting safeties in a huge road AFC North game in Week 4.

Steelers vs Ravens

Steelers vs Ravens: Other than the safeties, Ben Roethlisberger and Le’Veon Bell were given days off, while Martavis Bryant was sick and Ramon Foster sat out with the thumb injury which kept him off the field in Week 3.

But after the national anthem and coin flip Sunday, the NFL will return to business. One of the league’s best grudge matches will resume, a series in which 12 of the games played since 2008 have been decided by three points or fewer.

The assumption here is that most NFL teams will protest in some form possibly one more time before Sunday’s game and that will be the end. Some might not do anything.

It wasn’t easy to watch last week’s game. It was a rough one. It’s also never easy to go toe-to-toe with your biggest rival, but maybe – just maybe – this is the perfect equation for this team.

This is the NFL’s equivalent of a double negative. Putting a lot of stinky plays on European tape has given the Ravens a roadmap for fixing their most critical schematic issues, and having the Steelers come to town is giving us focus and a sense of urgency.

It’s like having a bad breakup when you’re 30 years old. Your body is starting to fall apart (me speaking about me) but at least you know exactly what you’re looking for (or at least what you’re not looking for).

Steelers vs Ravens: Big Ben has had lots of success in the NFL. He’s won two Super Bowls, and given us headaches in the past, but there’s a mean little stat that keeps getting brushed under the table: Big Ben has only won two times in Baltimore. Look it up. His career record as a starter at M&T Bank Stadium is 2-7. In fact, the most points a Ben Roethlisberger offense has ever scored in Baltimore was 20.

I know we’re a little down in the dumps, but we have work to do, and it starts by making M&T Bank Stadium a very, very familiar place for No. 7.

It’s been amusing to watch this week unfold. As of late Wednesday 40,000 people had reportedly signed an online petition that wanted the removal of the Ray Lewis statue at M&T Bank Stadium “because of his refusal to stand during the national anthem” while he was on the sideline with the team last weekend in London.

But the video showed Lewis on both knees praying, as he claimed. Some fans have suggested they plan to wear their jerseys inside out Sunday and others have said they plan to leave early to show their unhappiness.

Steelers vs Ravens, Another protest of a protest. Why not just stay home and cut the grass or rake some leaves? At least do something constructive with the time.

It’s sad in a sense because Baltimore is one of the NFL’s most storied cities, up there with Green Bay, Dallas, Chicago and Washington. The players really weren’t protesting the anthem; they were protesting Trump.

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